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The Fourth Doctor Time Capsule 5″ Figure

The Fourth Doctor Time Capsule – available now – is an individually numbered deluxe box-set, containing exclusive content and memorabilia from Tom Baker’s era…

53 6 Aug 2013

Doctor Who 3.75″ Wave 1 Action Figures

Regenerate your collection with the Doctor Who 3.75-inch scale action figures. A great gift for fans of any age, these highly detailed, realistic and…

1,483 4 Aug 2013

Remembrance of The Daleks Ace Figure

Underground Toys SDCC 2013 Exclusive Ace Figure from Remembrance of the Daleks. Includes removable Jacket with 2 alternative arms to produce t Shirt variant …

764 4 Aug 2013

Doctor Who Dalek Vehicle Mega Playset

The Dalek’s are the most feared creatures in existence; conquerors of countless worlds and annihilators of alien civilisations. This Dalek mega set…

120 28 Jul 2013

Doctor Who 12″ British Icon Dalek

This ultimate Doctor Who collectable 12-inch Dalek has been produced exclusively in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary year. Beautifully displayed in the Union Flag…

125 14 Jul 2013

Character Doctor Who Mashems

Twist’em, Squish’em and Launch’em! Collect some iconic Doctor Who characters with the cool Mash’ems pods. They’re squishy and squashy and lots of fun!…

42 12 Jul 2013

Titan SDCC Exclusive 10th Doctor Variant

Titan’s blind boxed Doctor Who vinyl figures have become quite popular, and now there’s one to hunt down at this year’s SDCC. From the 2007 Christmas …

28 21 Jun 2013

Doctor Who Time Zone Playset Cold War 1983

Cold War; 1983 – In the cold waters of the Southern Arctic Ocean a Russian nuclear submarine is returning from patrol. As the ‘Cold War’ between the…

235 31 May 2013

Doctor Who Time Zone Dalek Invasion 2075AD

Dalek Invasion; 2075AD and the Daleks have invaded Earth once more. Using their mighty Saucer ships they bombard London driving the surviving population…

293 31 May 2013

Toys R Us 10th Doctor and Dalek

The Tenth Doctor had a bright, sparky personality yet he rarely gave second chances to his foes. Leaping back into the TARDIS with a series…

338 28 May 2013

Toys R Us 2nd Doctor and Dalek

The First Doctor regenerated whilst battling the Cybermen during the events of The Tenth Planet and eventually collapsed, exhausted. His body renewed…

96 28 May 2013