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Big Chief Studios 12th Doctor From Series 8

Officially licensed by BBC Worldwide and produced in a limited worldwide edition, each figure features a fully realised likeness of Peter Capaldi as the fierce…

5 15 Jul 2015

Doctor Who Dynamix 11th Doctor Purple Jacket

The Dynamix Ultra-Stylised Vinyl Figurine Collection offers fans unique interpretations of their favourite characters from the world’s longest-running sci-fi TV show…

0 22 May 2015

Big Chief Studios 1:6 Scale 4th Doctor

The Doctor comes complete with numerous accessories including a bag of his favourite sweets – Jelly Babies, his Sonic Screwdriver, The Key to Time…

28 26 Feb 2015

Big Chief Studios Amy Pond 1:6 Scale Figure

Amy Pond first met her ‘raggedy Doctor’ when she was a little girl and waited fourteen years before he finally returned to whisk her away in the TARDIS. Brave…

59 26 Feb 2015