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Doctor Who 5.5″ Clara Oswald Blue Dress

Clara Oswald is one of the Doctor’s most extraordinary companions. In order to help the Doctor she allowed the time winds to tear into countless different…

232 6 Nov 2015

Doctor Who The Other (War) Doctor 5″ Figure

The ‘Other Doctor’ is the Doctor’s dark chapter, an _hitherto unknown incarnation whose existence he has spent centuries repressing, a secret he wants no one…

2,219 23 Oct 2015

Doctor Who Time Squad Figures Collection

Character Options, official creator of the Doctor Who toy figures and playsets, is proud to unveil the brand new Doctor Who Time Squad collection: ten 2.5”…

56 19 Oct 2015

Doctor Who Pop! Funko Evolving Dalek

This has to be the best Doctor Who limited edition POP – ever. Dalek Sec portrayed with outer body open, revealing the new, evolving, Hybrid Dalek within…

28 18 Sep 2015

Sherlock 5″ Action Figure UK/USA Pre-order

Now you can carry London’s only Consulting Detective around with you to help solve crimes, deliver a cutting verbal blow to your office frienemy or simply strike a pose…

145 16 Sep 2015