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The Tardis Chronicles Volume 1

The book is written, designed and illustrated by PAUL MC SMITH – author of The Classic Doctor Who DVD Compendium and The New Who Programme Guide…

9 26 May 2020

Doctor Who Age of Chaos

The Age of Chaos reprints an epic full-colour comics adventure starring the Sixth Doctor, written by Colin Baker!..

21 22 May 2020

Doctor Who Annual 2021

Join the Doctor for a brand new adventure in the TARDIS! Jam packed with activities, puzzles, stories and so much more…

21 11 May 2020

The Unofficial Master Annual 2074

The annual is an impressive 136 pages, featuring stories and illustrations produced by fans, as well as contributions from well known names such as…

60 6 May 2020

Lethbridge-Stewart Foreword To The Past

Candy Jar Books is pleased to announce that the fifth and final instalment in the five-book Bloodlines sequence of novels is now up for pre-order…

4 30 Apr 2020

Doctor Who Atlas Hardcover

Travel through time and space like never before in this stunning guide to the worlds of Doctor Who!..

16 1 Feb 2020

Doctor Who Mistress Of Chaos

Mistress of Chaos is the first Panini Doctor Who graphic novel to feature the 13th Doctor, as played on TV by Jodie Whittaker!…

9 24 Jan 2020