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The Minister of Chance Ebook and Paperback

Arcbeatle Press are proud to announce the publication of The Minister of Chance, the debut novel from award-winning scriptwriter and playwright Dan Freeman…

2 22 May 2022

The Unofficial Dr Who Annual 1988

The unofficial Dr Who annual 1988 is another great mix of stories, features, puzzles and artwork. And, thanks to the kindness…

30 15 May 2022

Free Comic Book Day 2022

An epic adventure with the traveling Time Lord, this issue serves as a lead-in to the explosive new story arc that reveals the very early…

13 6 May 2022

Who: A History in Art by Ken Tarling

Who: A History in Art by Ken Tarling is published with the help and support of Candy Jar’s self-publishing partner imprint Jelly Bean Books. ..

1 19 Apr 2022