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Bradford Exchange Time Vortex Watch

In a reference to the opening sequences of Doctor Who, the watch face also features a gold-plated time spiral – the mysterious ‘Time Vortex’ – with a miniature…

40 16 Jan 2018

Doctor Who Vortex Manipulator Watch

Now you can have your very own Vortex Manipulator LCD Watch from the Doctor Who TV series on the BBC! Vortex Manipulators have been used in the Doctor Who…

22 23 Aug 2013

Doctor Who Dalek / Doctor Watches

The Doctor Brown Strapped WatchYou may not be a Time Lord like the Doctor, but you’ll always know the time with this sleek and stylish Doctor Who…

9 26 Jun 2013

Limited Edition Dalek Collectors Watch

The Doctor Who Dalek Collectors is a must have for all fans. This high quality timepiece features black leather wrist straps with golden “sensory array” …

22 26 Jun 2013

Wesco Retro Clock USB Hub & Torch

New items from Wesco including a USB hub based on the new Tardis exterior, a Doctor Who Retro alarm Clock featuring and a projection torch with 3 covers…

21 21 Feb 2011

Dalek Alarm Clock / Money bank

Two great new products from Wesco – A projection Alarm Clock featuring the White Supreme Dalek and a Blue Strategist Dalek money bank…

38 1 Oct 2010

Wesco Series 5 Clocks and Watches

Series 5 Merchandise form Wesco including watches with interchangeable faces, a wall clock and topper alarm clocks all featuring the new look Daleks…

9 17 Apr 2010

The Masters Fob Watch

At the very end of time, the Doctor encounters a kindly-seeming scientist, Professor Yana. His encounter with The Doctor seems to trigger suppressed memories…

17 9 Sep 2009

The Masters Fob Watch Ltd Edition

Engraved heavy-weight metal, fully functioning and complete with chain and each personally signed by Sir Derek Jacobi. Limited edition, likely around 1000…

10 7 Feb 2009