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Seven20 13th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

The US and UK toy versions of the Sonic Screwdriver have been created by Seven20 and Character Options, respectively. The new, electronic 8” collectible…

71 1 Oct 2018

Personalise Your Sonic Screwdriver Set

You get 3 screwdrivers which all break down into 11 parts plus one light and sound unit. The screwdrivers are in scale with the already released eleventh Doctor version …

337 6 Feb 2017

Diamond Classic 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Re-Release Replica of Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver with hidden UV pen and light for secret writing. An extension of the TARDIS’s fantastic advanced technology…

13 26 Jan 2017

Toys r us 1:4 Radio Control Classic K9

Highly detail and ¼ scale Doctor Who K9 MkII dual stick remote controlled toy that features motorised movement, lights and new K9 MkII phrases (by John Leeson).

112 24 Jan 2016

Doctor Who Cyberman Attack

Doctor Who fans will love this cool Doctor Who Interactive Cyberman Attack and Infra-red Blaster. It’s an interactive game where you need to beat the clock…

59 1 Jan 2016