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Bluw Doctor Who Windup Dalek Toy

Bluw have kindly sent us a windup Dalek to feature on the site. Much more encouraging than the original promotional images this is now well truly a mini version…

21 29 Sep 2011

Bluw Doctor Who Pull Back Tardis

Bluw have kindly sent us a pull back Tardis to feature on the site. Unlike the Dalek this is a pull back model which spins and turns as it moves. The mould is good….

9 29 Sep 2011

Doctor Who – 11th Doctor 10″ Figure

Doctor Who – 11th Doctor 10″ Figure. Recreate scenes from the Doctor Who TV series with this incredibly detailed large 10-inch action figure of the 11th Doctor….

99 23 Sep 2011

Character Building Super Rare Series 2

Character Options, manufacturers of the Character Building Doctor Who construction toy range has confirmed that new Super Rare micro-figures ARE amongst series 2…

216 5 Sep 2011

Character Building Tardis Console Set

Now you can build the Eleventh Doctors iconic vehicle with this highly detailed construction playset that features TARDIS interior console room and exterior…

427 4 Sep 2011

Doctor Who Mini Talking Plush Clip-Ons

This fantastic Doctor Who mini talking plush clip on assortment includes all your favorite characters as 4″ soft toys with sounds – Red Dalek, Blue Dalek, Tardis and Cyberman…

38 25 Aug 2011

Pandorica Wave Variant with Moulded Walls

A new variant of the Pandorica wave is currently on sale in the USA. The figures are identical to the original wave which consists of The Doctor with mop…

214 2 Aug 2011

Character Building Cybermen Pack

Character Building Cybermen Pack. Contains Cyberleader with black bars and brain showing and damaged Pandorica Cybermen with one arm and 3 standard Cybermen…

380 30 Jul 2011