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Lethbridge-Stewart Colouring Book

Candy Jar Books is pleased to announce that the Lethbridge-Stewart Colouring Book will be released just in time for Christmas…

1 17 Nov 2020

Doctor Who Puzzle and Game Book

You don’t travel across time and space for thousands of years saving the universe without solving a few problems…

1 19 Oct 2018

Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book

Candy Jar Books is pleased to announce The Lethbridge-Stewart Quiz Book. Compiled by Mark Jones, the book collects together trivia…

1 31 May 2017

Doctor Who Colour By Stickers

Get ready to complete eleven fantastic images from the new series of Doctor Who with this timey-wimey sticker…

5 8 Mar 2017

Doctor Who Origami Book

Fold your own models of the Doctor, the TARDIS and monsters from all across time and space, with this brilliant Doctor Who origami book….

41 18 Jan 2017

The Official Doctor Who Cookbook Hardcover

The perfect addition to every Doctor Who fan s shelf, Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook features a cornucopia of delicious, easy-to-make recipes from the simple…

0 23 May 2016

Doctor Who Doodle Book

Cover pages with monster footprints, sketch the scariest villains imaginable and design dastardly foes from your own imagination. Design a new scarf for…

9 31 Mar 2016

Doctor Who: Choose the Future: Terror Moon

In this brand new adventure, Terror Moon, the Twelfth Doctor travels to a far-off moon base, only to discover a monstrous, flesh-eating horror lying in wait…

5 5 Mar 2016

Doctor Who Travels in Time Colouring Book

Inside you’ll find the Doctor’s greatest friends and foes from throughout all of history, with original illustrations featuring Churchill, Shakespeare, Van Gogh…

5 7 Jan 2016