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Diamond Classic Regenerated 4th Doctor

This 5″ tall action figure depicts the fourth Doctor as he first appeared, newly regenerated at the end of “Planet of the Spiders.”…

114 comments January 1st, 2015

Doctor Who Asylum of The Daleks 5″ Set

Exclusive Asylum of The Daleks set includes Paradigm Drone and Supreme Daleks PLUS Sound FX Bronze Dalek. When the Doctor, Amy and Rory are captured and…

429 comments December 14th, 2014

Time of The Doctor 5″ Action Figure Set

Presented here is the Eleventh Doctor in his iconic final season long frock coat. The set comes with a Twelfth Doctor regenerated head plus young and ‘aged’ Eleventh…

2,042 comments November 11th, 2014

Diamond Classic Hologram 10th Doctor Pre-Order

From Underground Toys. The Doctor has appeared as a projected hologram via the TARDIS interface on a few occasions, most often in an emergency situation to…

16 comments November 4th, 2014

Doctor Who War Doctor 5″ Figure Set

The ‘Other Doctor’ is the Doctor’s dark chapter, an _hitherto unknown incarnation whose existence he has spent centuries repressing, a secret he wants no one…

2,085 comments October 2nd, 2014

5″ Impossible Set 11th Doctor/Clara Pictures

Presented here in the Impossible Set, together but apart, are the Eleventh Doctor in his iconic Victorian frock coat from The Snowmen, and Oswin Oswald, the…

1,081 comments September 21st, 2014

Doctor Who Sound FX Daleks Wave 2

The Daleks were born without any ability to feel compassion or pity and were motivated only by hate, fear, and an implaccable belief that they…

368 comments March 19th, 2014

Doctor Who Diamond Classic Doomsday 5″ Set

This out-of-this-world giftset presents 3 faithfully replicated 5-inch characters: Doctor Who, Cyberman, and Black Dalek. Use them to recreate your favorite scenes…

92 comments February 13th, 2014

Claws of Axos Figure Set UK Stocks Arrive

The Claws of Axos Collectors Set : Brigadier action figure in jersey with U.N.I.T. beret and pistol, Axon in Humanoid form action figure and Jo Grant action figure…

291 comments January 8th, 2014

Toys R Us 8th Doctor with Dalek

Stocks of the last 5 sets are now arriving – check you local store for availability Toys R Us 8th Doctor with Alpha Dalek, other sets include 2nd Doctor…

339 comments November 11th, 2013

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