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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Jigsaw

Celebrate the Doctor’s 50th anniversary with this collector’s edition jigsaw. Featuring all eleven Doctors, from William Hartnell to Matt Smith, as well as

9 23 Apr 2013

New Doctor Who Puzzles from Ravensburger

Doctor Who Puzzles from Ravensburger – Both new puzzles depict the latest baddies to face the Doctor including the scary Weeping Angles and haunting Vampires of Venice…

17 8 Sep 2011

Doctor Who 2011 Jigsaw Puzzles

Doctor Who 2011 Jigsaw Puzzles featuring an array of monsters from both series 5 and 6 including The Silence, Gangers, Daleks, Silurian’s, Cybermen and more…

23 1 Aug 2011

Doctor Who Retro Jigsaw Puzzles

Geelong based, Ikon Collectables, have just released an Australian first, Doctor Who Retro Jigsaw Puzzle line. These Doctor Who jigsaws are the start of a long line…

8 13 May 2011