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Diamond Classic Doctor Who 4th Doctor

Detailed likeness of actor Tom Baker from Doctor Who. Action figure includes accessories, multiple points of articulation, and interchangeable heads!…

0 28 Jan 2015

Diamond Classic Rose Tyler and Rusty K9

Rose Tyler was the first companion of the modern series joining the Ninth and Tenth incarnations of the Doctor on many adventures through space and time…

0 28 Jan 2015

Diamond Classic Regenerated 4th Doctor

This 5″ tall action figure depicts the fourth Doctor as he first appeared, newly regenerated at the end of “Planet of the Spiders.”…

114 1 Jan 2015

Diamond Classic Captain Jack with Revolver

Continue your 5-inch scale Doctor Who action figure collection! This Doctor Who Captain Jack Harkness 5-Inch Action Figure is incredibly-detailed and fully-articulated….

0 1 Jan 2015

Doctor Who Asylum of The Daleks 5″ Set

Exclusive Asylum of The Daleks set includes Paradigm Drone and Supreme Daleks PLUS Sound FX Bronze Dalek. When the Doctor, Amy and Rory are captured and…

432 14 Dec 2014

Doctor Who SFX Special Weapons Dalek

From the 1988 Episode Remembrance of the Daleks comes the Special Weapons Dalek! Unlike a conventional Dalek, the Special Weapons Dalek had no manipulator…

93 28 Jul 2014

Ace 5″ Action figure Set UK / USA

Ace is represented in here in her iconic black jacket with sleeves rolled up, signature ponytail hair, and comes with boombox portable radio cassette

130 13 Jul 2014

Doctor Who Claws of Axos Figure Set

The Claws of Axos Collectors Set : Brigadier action figure in jersey with U.N.I.T. beret and pistol, Axon in Humanoid form action figure and Jo Grant action figure…

295 5 Mar 2014

Doctor Who The Daemons 5″ Figure Set

In the peaceful village of Devil’s End something very strange is happening. A professor is preparing to open a nearby burial mound and a local white has…

342 2 Jan 2014