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SilvaScreen 50th Anniversary Tardis

Silva Screen is pleased to announce that they will be releasing not one, but two retrospective box sets of music to the iconic TV show.

80 21 Mar 2014

50th Anniversary Doctor Who 4 CD Set

The most comprehensive collection of soundtracks from the classic cult TV show DOCTOR WHO ever assembled, this 4 CD set is a musical journey…

44 20 Nov 2013

The Krotons Soundtrack CD and 10″ Vinyl

The Krotons starred PATRICK TROUGHTON as the second Doctor and was originally transmitted in 4 episodes on BBC1 between 28th December 1968 and 18thJanuary…

34 28 Mar 2013

Doctor Who Series 6 Soundtrack

Doctor Who Series 6 2 CD Set Soundtrack: 2 CD set original soundtrack for Silva Screen featuring music from series 6 of Doctor Who – Due December 2011…

130 24 Nov 2011

Doctor Who: Sound Effects Reissue Audio CD

A facsimile reissue of the original 1970s BBC LP, featuring sound effects from the original much-loved BBCTV series.This Vintage Beeb edition features the original…

8 9 Nov 2011
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