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Doctor Who Star Tales Hardcover

The Doctor is many things – curious, funny, brave, protective of her friends… and a shameless name-dropper….

17 21 Jun 2019

Lethbridge-Stewart Home Fires Burn

World War II Anniversary Launches New Lethbridge-Stewart Series Candy Jar Books is proud to announce its seventh series of Lethbridge-Stewart novels, launching in September 2019 on the 80th Anniversary of World War II! The seventh series of books includes a five-book sequence called Bloodlines by Gareth Madgwick, Sharon Bidwell, Andy Frankham-Allen, Chris Lynch and Baz […]

0 16 Jun 2019

Lethbridge-Stewart The Danger Men

2011 and Brigadier William Bishop visits his old commanding officer, Brigadier Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, who is a little concerned…

1 10 Nov 2018
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