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Lalla Ward: Time Capsule Paper Back Book

This collection contains remembrances from Lalla herself on each of her stories, alongside a vast wealth of visual material. Included inside are photographs…

8 1 Nov 2014

Script Doctor Forwarded by Sylvester McCoy

Miwk Publishing Ltd are proud to announce a reprint of Andrew Cartmel’s script editor memoir originally published in 2005, due to be released in November 2013…

5 10 Sep 2013

J.N.T. – The Life and Scandalous Times

For more than a decade, John Nathan-Turner, or “JN-T” as he was often known, was in charge of every major artistic and practical decision affecting…

6 7 Feb 2013

Elisabeth Sladen The Autobiography (P/back)

The autobiography (Paperback) of Elisabeth Sladen, the actress behind Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who’s most popular companion. Published posthumously, with the support…

8 1 Jun 2012

Memoir – Who is Michael E. Briant?

Michael E. Briant directed numerous episodes of classic TV series throughout the 1970s such as Blake’s 7, Secret Army, Warship and most famously Doctor Who….

15 17 Mar 2012
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