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Remembrance of the Daleks Set – Pictures

Remembrance of the Daleks 1988 Set Contains Dalek Emperor Davros and Destroyed Imperial Dalek action figure. The Daleks are focusing their search around Coal Hill School…

416 3 Feb 2012

Enemies Of The 1st Doctor – Pictures

True classics from the First Doctor’s era: A ‘Daleks’ Master Plan’ Dalek figure with the rarely seen flame arm, the chilling Roboman figure and the historic Cyberman…

167 29 Dec 2011

Enemies of the Third Doctor – Pictures

Enemies of the Third Doctor Collectors’ Set: Includes Drashig hand puppet figure, Omega action figure with Detachable head and Auton action figure…

346 24 Dec 2011

Leela & Stor: Invasion Of Time – Pictures

After a secret meeting in space with a group of mysterious aliens, the Fourth Doctor takes Leela to Gallifrey so he can claim the Presidency of the Time Lords…

163 29 Nov 2011

Doctor Who Action Figures Wave 1D

Doctor Who Action Figures Wave 1d. This wave is similar to wave 2d with 3 minor variants. This wave is in the new series 6 packaging…

517 29 Nov 2011

Bump-N-Go Cybermat – Pictures / Video

Recreate scenes from Closing Time with this replica electronic patrolling Cybermat with motorised tail action. Watch as it hunts, patrols and changes direction…

279 21 Nov 2011

Action Figures Wave 2D – Pictures

Cyberman with Chest Damage with electric hands, Silent Closed mouth with lightning, The Astronaut with River Song Head, Cyberman with Face Damage with electric hand…

796 10 Nov 2011

Doctor Who Toys R Us Six Figure Set 2011

Toys R Us Six Figure Set 2011: Contains Nephew Ood, Grey Silent With Open Mouth, River with new hair, Stetson Doctor, Idris and Cyberman with chest damage….

268 22 Oct 2011

Action Figure Collectors Set: The Chase

From the classic story: ‘The Chase’, the Mechonoid figure is approximately 130mm high (160mm with the antenna extended) x 130mm wide. It features a swappable flame arm…

109 7 Oct 2011