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Warlord Games Draconians

The Draconians are a race of reptilian humanoids encountered by the Third Doctor. Hailing from…

1 10 Nov 2017

Warlord Games Vervoids

Vervoids are humanoid plants, artificially created by human scientists for slavery. They are harvested…

2 10 Nov 2017

Warlord Games Slitheen

A family of criminal Raxacoricofallapatorians, the Slitheen are large, calcium-based humanoids with powerful clawed arms…

1 8 Sep 2017

Warlord Games Ogrons

Hailing from the outer fringes of the Mutter’s Spiral, Ogrons are tall, ape-like humanoids of limited intelligence…

3 11 Aug 2017

Warlord Games Sea Devils

Amphibious relatives of the Silurians, the Sea Devils are also a prehistoric race which went into hibernation…

7 7 Jul 2017

Warlord Games Vashta Nerada

Gathering in swarms many thousands strong, the Vashta Nerada are microscopic beings living mostly in the dark…

1 7 Jul 2017

Warlord Games Clockwork Droids

Serving aboard SS Madame de Pompadour, the Clockwork Droids had harvested the crew’s body parts to repair…

8 31 Mar 2017

Warlord Games The Tetraps

The Tetraps are humanoid bat/wild boar hybrids with four eyes, a forked tongue, furry bodies and an addiction

17 3 Mar 2017
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