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Yesteryear Feature – Harlequin Miniatures

Harlequin Miniatures made a range of Doctor Who classic figures in 28mm scale from 1997 onwards. The range offered just about every imaginable character that appeared…

35 2 Dec 2011

FP Steven Moffat Gary Russell Interviews

Steven Steven Moffat talks about Doctor Who merchandise, “it used to be the wrong shape”. Enjoy these exclusive interviews with Gary Russell and Steven Moffat….

13 2 Dec 2011

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 246

Hey, you! You sitting at the back! Yes, you lot, who are sneakily reading this in class! Your teacher is really a Hive Monster from Framasis Major…

47 30 Nov 2011

Doctor Who Insider Magazine issue 09

Packed with interviews, features, monster galleries, and merchandise previews, each issue of Docter Who Insider is a visual feast, crammed with

35 29 Nov 2011

Doctor Who: Shada (Hardcover)

The Doctor’s old friend and fellow Time Lord Professor Chronotis has retired to Cambridge University – where nobody will notice if he lives for centuries…

35 29 Nov 2011

Leela & Stor: Invasion Of Time – Pictures

After a secret meeting in space with a group of mysterious aliens, the Fourth Doctor takes Leela to Gallifrey so he can claim the Presidency of the Time Lords…

163 29 Nov 2011

Doctor Who Action Figures Wave 1D

Doctor Who Action Figures Wave 1d. This wave is similar to wave 2d with 3 minor variants. This wave is in the new series 6 packaging…

517 29 Nov 2011

Series 6 Soundtrack Album Teaser Track

Listen to Teaser track: ‘5.02 pm’ (from ‘The Wedding of River Song’ episode) Track taken from Doctor Who Series 6 OST which is released on December 19, 2011…

34 29 Nov 2011

Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma Audio CD

The process of regeneration has not gone well, with the Time Lord’s normal good humour being replaced with a disturbed and unsettled persona…

14 29 Nov 2011

Doctor Who Fish Tank

Travel across time and space with the Doctor Who Tardis Glass Aquarium Kit! Stimulate your mind and imagination with this multi – dimensional aquarium…

104 28 Nov 2011

Monster Invasion Cards Give-away – Closed

We have a big pile of Monster Invasion cards (with duplicates) which we would like to give away. Just leave an appropriate comment of some sort and a valid…

160 27 Nov 2011

Doctor Who T-Shirts: 8th / 2nd Doctor Costumes

The 8th Doctor’s look was certainly unique, unlike his predecessors slightly ‘wacky’ style, the 8th Doctor chose to wear a stolen Wild Bill Hickok costume which made him…

11 25 Nov 2011

John Barrowman and Eve Myles HMV signing

Fans of the hit BBC One series Torchwood get the chance to meet stars John Barrowman and Eve Myles, in person, when they visit HMV’s flagship Oxford Street…

15 24 Nov 2011

Doctor Who Series 6 CD Soundtrack

Doctor Who Series 6 2 CD Set Soundtrack: 2 CD set original soundtrack for Silva Screen featuring music from series 6 of Doctor Who…

130 24 Nov 2011

SFX Presents Doctor Who: The Fanzine

Available in all good newsagents and supermarkets for three months from the day of Doctor Who’s 48th birthday – Doctor Who: The Fanzine from the makers of SFX

32 23 Nov 2011

Doctor Who The Lost Stories 3.02

When a newspaper reporter goes missing, the Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa uncover a case of alien abduction. The trail leads them to the planet Luparis…

0 22 Nov 2011

Doctor Who Adventures issue 245

I love Christmas. Even present shopping isn’t a problem for me, thanks to the TARDIS. I just do it all next January, so I already know what I gave to my mates…

112 22 Nov 2011