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Doctor Who Magazine Issue 441

Doctor Who Magazine 441 asks MARCUS WILSON to give us a peek under the Christmas tree to see what’s waiting to be unwrapped on Christmas Day…

38 14 Nov 2011

H Grossman Ltd Doctor Who Products

H Grossman Ltd Doctor Who Products – Doctor Who Gift Pack, Doctor Who Bop Bag, Doctor Who Jet Balls and Doctor Who Yo Yo listed for release on the 25th November…

12 11 Nov 2011

Action Figures Wave 2D – Pictures

Cyberman with Chest Damage with electric hands, Silent Closed mouth with lightning, The Astronaut with River Song Head, Cyberman with Face Damage with electric hand…

796 10 Nov 2011

Win £150 Doctor Who Voucher with Character

Get ready for Christmas. Enter the competition to win £150 to spend online with Character. Create your own Doctor Who adventure and travel in time with the Character Building…

84 9 Nov 2011

Doctor Who: Sound Effects Reissue Audio CD

A facsimile reissue of the original 1970s BBC LP, featuring sound effects from the original much-loved BBCTV series.This Vintage Beeb edition features the original…

8 9 Nov 2011

Doctor Who Adventures issue 243

Notice anything different about me? Look closely! It’s obvious! Come on! I’ve changed! Well, my signature has changed. Displacement is a common side effect of regeneration…

35 8 Nov 2011

Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes Collection 4

The Lost TV Episodes Collection 4: The Faceless Ones’, Evil of the Daleks’, The Abominable Snowmen and ‘The Ice Warriors’ all starring Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor…

2 8 Nov 2011

You and Who Edited By J.R. Southall

You and Who is the definitive volume on what it means to be a Doctor Who fan. 100% of the authors’ royalties from this book will be donated to Children in Need…

10 8 Nov 2011

Doctor Who DVD Files Issue 74

This 74th edition of The DVD Files contains the Eleventh Doctor adventures The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below

0 6 Nov 2011

Monster Invasion Magazine Issue 14

Start collecting the awesome NEW Doctor Who Monster Invasion. In This issue – Top 10 Tardis moments,Minotaur V Sycorax, G is for Graske and much more…

165 6 Nov 2011

The Companion Chronicles 6.06

The Doctor, Crystal and Jason have survived monsters, Madame Delilah and Mrs T, but then their former enemy Karl calls them back to the Bar Galactica…

0 4 Nov 2011

Eleventh Doctor T Shirt Costume

After stealing clothes from the Royal Leadworth Hospital lockers, the newly regenerated 11th Doctor faced down the Atraxi in his new outfit featuring his now iconic…

43 4 Nov 2011