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Bump-N-Go Cybermat – Pictures / Video

Recreate scenes from Closing Time with this replica electronic patrolling Cybermat with motorised tail action. Watch as it hunts, patrols and changes direction…

279 21 Nov 2011

Q&A With Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (Ended)

Matt Smith (the Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) will be taking take part in a Q&A session hosted by celebrity Doctor Who fan…

11 21 Nov 2011

Two New Who Shop London Signings

Two New Who Shop London Signings, Michael Troughton Saturday 26th November and Richard Franklin and Peter Mills Monday 2nd January signing The Unit Boxset…

3 21 Nov 2011

Doctor Who Half Sized Standees

Doctor Who Half Sized Standees – Standing at about 31″ these half sized standees are great for a table top display featuring Daleks, The Doctor, The Master, Tardis…

39 19 Nov 2011

Doctor Who ready to put up wallpaper

Doctor Who ready to put up wallpaper – Available in 5 designs – Tardis Interior, Exploding Tardis, Daleks, The Doctor and Amy Pond and a Vortex whirl…

24 18 Nov 2011

3D effect Classic Tardis interior Wallpaper

What is a Doctor Who Fan’s greatest desire? Decorate your room like the Tardis! – An inspired range of wallpapers based on Classic TARDIS interior licensed by the BBC…

34 17 Nov 2011

Doctor Who The Lost Stories 3.01

The Doctor offers Tegan and Nyssa a trip to the paradise world of Florana, but instead the TARDIS takes them to a domed city on a planet scarred by warfare…

0 17 Nov 2011

Monster Invasion Magazine Issue 15

Monster Invasion Magazine Issue 15. In This issue – Top 10 Who Weapons, The Pandorica, Judoon V Madame Vastra, Where’s The Doctor – Vespiform World and much more…

151 17 Nov 2011

The Doctor Who Site 2011 Christmas Wish List

The Doctor Who Site Interactive 2011 Christmas wish List which you can save, change and print out your most wanted Doctor Who merchandise items for Christmas 2011…

234 16 Nov 2011

Doctor Who DVD Files Issue 75

This 75th edition of The DVD Files contains the Eleventh Doctor adventures Victory of the Daleks and The Time of Angels

1 15 Nov 2011

Doctor Who Adventures issue 244

Brrr, chilly, isn’t it? You’re stuck on Earth in late November and it’s dark and wintry. Luxury! I’m on the cold moon Enceladus, where the ice volcanoes – icecanoes…

51 15 Nov 2011

IDW Doctor Who Volume 2 Issue 11

Finding themselves inside an alien asylum, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory have discovered that many of the human patients within actually house the minds…

2 14 Nov 2011