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Doctor Who Single Bed Duvet & Curtains

Doctor Who Single Bed Duvet & Curtains Ideal for any Doctor Who fan. Co-ordinating curtains and single duvet set with pillowcase Microfibre polyester. Machine washable…

37 2 Jul 2011

Monster Invasion Magazine Issue 05

Monster Invasion Magazine – This fifth issue comes with more cards plus Davros V The Master, Where’s The Doctor – Adipose family union, Top 10 deadliest Daleks…

76 2 Jul 2011

Doctor Who Character Building 2nd TV Advert

A second Character Building advert is currently showing on channels such as CITV. It is significantly different from the previous advert and starts in an animated Console room…

60 2 Jul 2011

Doctor Who: The Silent Stars Go By (Hardback)

A thrilling, all-new adventure featuring the Doctor, Amy and Rory, as played by Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill in the spectacular hit series from BBC Television…

49 1 Jul 2011

Underground Toys – Plush Daleks and Tardis

Series 1 will include Medium TARDIS (with a flashing lamp and sound) and Medium Talking Daleks – they stand approximately 9” tall and ship in branded gift boxes…

88 1 Jul 2011

Monster Invasion Swaps Box and Storage File

Doctor Who Monster Invasion Swaps Box and File: Pictures of the Swaps Box and File subscribers will receive with, or just after their second delivery of the magazine…

23 1 Jul 2011

Classic Mugs Featuring Sutekh K9 Omega Robot

Mugs featuring K9, Omega with the 5th Doctor and Robots + Sutekh with the 4th Doctor. Your morning brew will never be the same again with this classic Doctor Who Mugs….

11 1 Jul 2011

Doctor Who Magazine issue 436

DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE celebrates the life of NICHOLAS COURTNEY in a special 100-page bumper issue, packed with rare and never-before-published photos…

44 29 Jun 2011

Doctor Who Adventures issue 224

Doctor Who Adventures issue 224. We are the new Masters of Doctor Who Adventures, all non Dalek features have been exterminated. The pages are now dedicated to the glory of…

33 28 Jun 2011

The Doctors Nano Recorder – Pictures

Record secret messages and play them back using this replica Nano-recorder and save yourself from the Silent! Features lights, sound effects and ten second voice record…

104 27 Jun 2011

Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep CD

In the dark, uncharted depths of the North Sea it has lurked, growing in strength, growing in size, and striking terror into the hearts of mariners down the untold centuries…

8 27 Jun 2011