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March 16th, 2021 19 comments

Doctor Who joins Funko Pop! Blitz

The TARDIS is scattered across Funko Pop! Blitz’s game boards, and the Doctors need your help to collect it so they can get back to exploring the universe! The Thirteenth Doctor, Twelfth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Tenth Doctor and Ninth Doctor are now in Funko Pop! Blitz!

Funko Pop! Blitz is available now on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices.

Funko Pop! Blitz is a match-3 puzzle game featuring the Funko Pop! versions of lovable characters across multiple iconic franchises. Each week, Funko Pop! Blitz celebrates pop culture with a new collection of digital Funko Pops! These characters all come with their own unique Super move to blast the board and power up, earning rewards. Super moves typically celebrate an iconic moment from the media the character hails from.

With Doctors past and present, you can expect to see Supers involving the ubiquitous sonic screwdriver, nanogene healing, and yes – the mop! The five Doctors available in the Funko Pop!

Blitz Doctor Who event collection are:

  • Thirteenth Doctor
  • Twelfth Doctor
  • Eleventh Doctor With Mop
  • Tenth Doctor With Hand
  • Ninth Doctor

The ever-reliable TARDIS will also be making appearances on every game board. The aim of each Funko Pop! Blitz game during the week of March 18 midnight UTC to March 24 midnight UTC will be to drop as many TARDIS tiles as you can to the bottom of the board, so as to help the Doctors explore the universe again. Each TARDIS collected will inch you further along to completion of the Doctor Who event collection, which is important, because you’ll only be able to procure the Eleventh Doctor With Fez & Mop by doing so!

If you find yourself needing to generate more TARDIS tiles, simply equip any of the Doctor Who Funko Pops! to increase the number of times it appears on your board.

For more information on the game, visit, or follow Funko Pop! Blitz on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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  • Dalekz

    March 17th, 2021 - 1:40pm

    I rather hate Funko pops! There I said it.

  • Anonymous

    March 17th, 2021 - 12:16pm

    These rumours about the show being dropped from the Pop! Funko range are really disappointing. They should be giving us desirable figures like Ashad the Lone Cyberman, the Dhawan Master and the Simm Master with a toclafane for example. We should have all of the Doctors and Jodie’s TARDIS, and re-releases of the iconic characters that are way too overpriced on the aftermarket at the moment – from the villains to the companions. In the past few years, they’ve released undesirable characters – to most – such as the Pting, or they’ve released hard-to-get exclusives like the Thirteenth Doctor in her main outfit! That’s not how you sell a brand!

    • booboo

      March 17th, 2021 - 12:58pm

      Funko freely admitted that wave 2 “bottomed” (which is unusual for a company) and it might have ended there and then.

      Wave 3 did better and then convention exclusives (where the market is huge in the USA)

      The big problem here is that the mass market for these is in the states (it was for Titans as well) where they want the most “in thing” (forget classics) and interest Doctor Who Merchandise there is obviously at a low point and has been heading that way for a few years ( there is virtually nothing being offered from USA licence holders now ).

      Funko hopefully may just be biding their time.

    • Dalekz

      March 17th, 2021 - 1:37pm

      The Pting was a must have, he’s one of the few Funko’s I bought and I generally hate Funko Pops!

  • Coleman

    March 17th, 2021 - 11:36am

    Not being negative, but I don’t like these Pops at all.
    Really love StarWars, but their about the only merchandise I don’t collect for that franchise either.
    Just can’t seem to force myself to like them.

    • Anonymous

      March 17th, 2021 - 11:41am

      So sorry that the Force is not with you.

    • Coleman

      March 17th, 2021 - 11:52am

      That reply was a quick. Yes, I think the faces are a bit too generic.
      If their was some variety in the human faces such as different coloured eyes or even different jawlines which matched the character they portrayed I could get into these.
      More like the Titan vinyls that would be good.
      Since there’s already thousands of different characters already made though I can’t see them changing em anytime soon.

  • Anonymous

    March 17th, 2021 - 2:38am

    What’s pointless is making 7-10 different versions of the same Doctor, yeh I’m sure New Who sells like Hot Cakes but maybe actually have all the Doctors as Funkos before we start getting “10th Doctor in random outfit 65th version”

  • Fox

    March 16th, 2021 - 11:46pm

    People are taking that Funko Pop chatter from a while ago very seriously. That rumour was based entirely on conjecture. All Funko Pop figures get vaulted, it’s a part of their life cycle.

    • booboo

      March 17th, 2021 - 11:04am

      Its just seems a very very long time since we had a Doctor Who pop, a year and a half in fact considering how much else they are releasing

  • Chris

    March 16th, 2021 - 10:47pm

    Seriously, why they decided to make 13th Doctor with coat a convention exclusive is ridiculous. It is her complete costume. I didn’t bother trying to get it at the time because it said “First to release” which means it usually gets a standard retail release further down the line. So mad that I never got 13 in her FULL costume and had to buy the jacketless one in order to have a 13 at all. Shortly after that I stopped buying Funko pops completely, so dumb!

    Almost as dumb as Character Building making a Doctor (War Doctor) an insanely rare figure. Never managed to get that one either! I don’t even remember how many packs I purchased trying to get that one. I guess my collections will remain incomplete!

    • tom

      March 17th, 2021 - 5:08am

      yeah, the regular 13 shouldn’t been the standard release and have the jacketless version as the variant chase figure

  • The Fishmonger

    March 16th, 2021 - 9:14pm

    I don’t understand why Funko haven’t renewed their license with Dr Who, when they are still selling less mainstream lines. Maybe BBC want too much money? I dont know but I would have thought Dr Who would be a sustainable line. To not do physical products and then announce this seems odd.

  • Kone112

    March 16th, 2021 - 7:15pm

    I get the odd star wars ,batman ones of these . Whats the difference with the blitz logo to other funky pops?

    • TardisTiramasu

      March 16th, 2021 - 8:35pm

      Blitz is an online game version

  • Khem

    March 16th, 2021 - 6:46pm

    I think like many things, you have to have a minimum quantity to sell that will turn a profit. It’s pointless a company making 3,000 items then not being able to shift them. So it’s the choosing of the right product to produce & that is always hit & miss. We have always seen that across all Doctor Who ranges. We all know that the 10th Doctor is popular, so will always be the first in a range usually. Obviously when Funko dropped their licence for Doctor Who Pops (Toys) they were not making the sales figures they wanted – But have now decided on a new licence for Doctor Who (Games)? Not 100% sure on the sale/granting of licence’s here: I can only presume they are: 1. Using the same licence which will eventually run out shortly but cover the game OR 2. Have got a new temporary licence to cover the Game App? Either way I’m done with Funko!

  • Loobop

    March 16th, 2021 - 5:53pm

    i tried pop blitz last month most of the characters i’d never heard of so deleted the app glad they finally added some doctor who pops i own.

  • Kellman

    March 16th, 2021 - 5:33pm

    Nice but Funko have just vaulted their entire Doctor Who range of Pops.

    • booboo

      March 16th, 2021 - 5:46pm

      Personally i dont understand how some of the pops they release are deemed they might sell over Doctor Who Ones if in fact the line has ended.

      Other thing sadly though is pops sell better in hand at conventions and it follows on from there – but there haven’t been any for obvious reasons.

      They made a big mistake by making the 13th Doctor with coat virtually impossible to get and collectors backed off, i know we did.