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Doctor Who Character Building Advert

Character have added an advert to their Character building pages to promote the new micro figure range. Previous adverts have been shown on channels such as CITV…

33 4 May 2011

Character Building Super Rare Micro Figures

A Character advert in Kick magazine shows Super Rare micro figures including a football shirt Doctor, Projected angel, Silurian, Raggedy Doctor and different Amy Pond…

380 27 Apr 2011

New Doctor Who Character Building Sets

With the first stocks now arriving watch out for our special section and images – Having seen this range first hand we can confidently this is one of the best things Character have done…

413 6 Apr 2011

Free Damaged Cyberman with orders over £30

Character are offering a free Damaged Cyberman with orders over £30 – This unpackaged figure the same as the one originally supplied in Argos with the Playset…

23 5 Apr 2011

Win a Tardis load of Doctor Who Prizes

To celebrate the return of Doctor Who this Easter, Forbidden Planet offer you the chance to win the ultimate prize for any Who fan! One lucky winner will grab…

26 1 Apr 2011

Join The Fun at Forbidden Planet

In every branch there is an in-store competition to win a range of Doctor Who prizes – including the chance to be the first to get the 11th Doctor…

15 1 Apr 2011

Oxford literary festival Doctor Who Event

Meet the masters behind the new Doctor Who Original Fiction series from BBC Children’s Books in an up-close and personal interview. These four authors…

5 31 Mar 2011

Monster Invasion launches May 2011

Monster Invasion will retail at a promotional price of £1.50 (normal retail price is £2.60) and will contain: a magazine featuring an episode guide; an A-Z of monsters…

198 31 Mar 2011

Titan Merchandise

Titan produces an ever-expanding range of fantastic Doctor Who merchandise, from their T Shirts & Hoodies to their range of Masterpiece Collection statuary…

0 22 Mar 2011


AppGear is an innovative line of apps that seamlessly interact with collectible toys, shifting digital gaming into your reality….

0 22 Mar 2011

IDW Graphic Novels

IDW Publishing currently publishes a wide range of comic books and graphic novels including titles based on Angel, Doctor Who, GI Joe, Star Trek, Terminator: Salvation…

0 22 Mar 2011

Colin Baker Kangazang spring sale

Colin Baker narrates the story about Earthling Jeff Spooner and his alien barber, Ray Scump, as they search for the fabled Universal Remote Control…

6 17 Mar 2011

Tom Baker Joins Big Finish

We’re delighted to announce that Tom Baker will be playing the Fourth Doctor in a number of audio adventures for Big Finish, to be released from the beginning of 2012

13 16 Mar 2011

Free Delivery On All Character UK Orders

Character are now offering free delivery on all UK Orders and with special offers on many series 5 figures its an ideal opportunity to fill those gaps in your collection…

10 15 Mar 2011

Do Something Funny For Money

Do Something Funny For Money – Red Nose Day returns with a fun-packed night of comedy and entertainment to raise money for disadvantaged people…

26 5 Mar 2011

Official Doctor Who Book Signing – Reminder

Official Doctor Who Book Signing at The Doctor Who Experience – Justin Richards, Oli Smith and other Doctor Who experts will be ready to be grilled on all WHO matters…

36 3 Mar 2011