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Series 6 Most Wanted figure?

Its no particular secret that filming has been taking place in Cornwall. The question is have we already seen Series 6 most wanted figure and Character Building set?..

127 5 Feb 2011

Underground Toys Doctor Who Plush Toys

Underground Toys and BBC Worldwide today announced a worldwide licensing deal for the manufacture of Doctor Who plush toys in all territories…

18 21 Jan 2011

Character TV Advert – Pandorica set

Pandorica set Character TV Advert – A Television advert promoting the Character Doctor Who Pandorica set has started to be shown on ITV…

47 16 Jan 2011

Doctor Who 2011 Classic DVD releases

According to wikipedia, whose pages have been updated with information from Doctor Who Magazine, the following DVD’s are scheduled for release in 2011…

77 12 Jan 2011

The Doctor Who Reprint Society

With several re-issues of long out of print Doctor Who books now almost certain, there has been renewed interest in reprints of Doctor Who Novels…

8 10 Jan 2011

A Very Merry Christmas to you all…

I think we can all agree this has been a fantastic year for merchandise with a great range of figures and accessories from Character and underground toys…

129 23 Dec 2010

Special Feature – Paradigm Daleks

There can be no doubt that when the Paradigm Daleks first burst onto our screens that probably the most controversial change in Doctor Who’s history…

39 24 Nov 2010

Big Finish – Return of the Sontarans

The Sontarans are to make their debut in a Big Finish Doctor Who audio production in 2011. Executive producer Nicholas Briggs has revealed…

11 23 Nov 2010

K9 Event – Who Shop London

Who Shop London K9 Event – To Celebrate the launch of the new K-9 series we have the pleasure of Bob Baker co-creator of K-9 and and Paul Tams…

10 11 Nov 2010

Competition – Win Secrets of the Tardis

Win a “Secrets of the Tardis” book with mini sonic screwdriver or one of three Doctor Who 2011 Annuals in our free to enter competition courtesy of penguin books…

48 28 Oct 2010

Hastings USA Eternal Dalek

Hastings exclusive USA Yellow Dalek Action Figure available at Hastings in North America – In stock at some stores – check stock on-line or pre order now..

261 23 Oct 2010

Doctor Who Live Merchandise

Doctor Who Live Merchandise – A selection of merchandise from Doctor Who Live is now available to buy on-line should you be unable to attend the shows.

100 8 Oct 2010

Kangazang Bounces along to Cardiff

Kangazang Bounces along to Cardiff – Colin Baker will be signing copies of “Kangazang!” at Forbidden Planet International, Cardiff on Sat 25th Sept…

5 10 Sep 2010

Two Unannounced Weeping Angel variants

Two unannounced weeping Angel figures comprising of a regenerating Angel with neutral face and a regenerated “weathered” Angel are now available to buy…

189 26 Aug 2010

Character TV Advert – Series 5 Figures

TV Advert – Series 5 Figures – Character advert promoting series 5 figures including Daleks and Weeping Angels due to be broadcast mid-end September…

121 26 Aug 2010

Series Five Merchandise – The Story So Far

Series 5 Merchandise – The Story so far: With new merchandise now been added thick and fast and with much more to come, here is a quick round up of what has been seen so far…

149 25 Aug 2010

Series 5 Figures – Assortment E

Four New Figure variants have been added to the series 5 range -Professor Bracewell (with black glove),Weeping Angel (Looped) and Dalek Ironside (with fabric ear cover)…

290 19 Aug 2010