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Doctor Who Sonic Scewdriver Draught Blocker

Keep cold air and Daleks out of your bedroom with this Doctor Who Draught Blocker! Resembling an oversized sonic screwdriver, it will fit most doors and keep cold air at bay!…

13 1 Dec 2013

Doctor Who – Weeping Angel Bobble Head

If you’re a fan of the new series of Doctor Who then this Weeping Angel Bobble Head is for you. Featuring one of the scariest Doctor Who villains ever created…

8 25 Nov 2013

Royal Mail 50th Anniversary Souvenir Cover

Taking a trick from the TARDIS, we’ve packed more into this Souvenir Cover than you’d ever have believed possible. It’s the only Cover to feature all 11…

15 20 Nov 2013

Doctor Who BBC Shop Anniversary T-Shirts

Exclusively made for BBC Shop to Celebrate 50 Years of Doctor Who. All Eleven Doctors feature on their own T-Shirt with the official 50th Anniversary…

4 14 Nov 2013

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Dress Up Costume

Tweak your bow tie as you take on the persona of the Eleventh Doctor, as brought to the screen by the irrepressible Matt Smith. Intelligent, excited…

0 13 Nov 2013