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Doctor Who Monopoly Board Game

Doctor Who 2011 – Monopoly Limited Edition. Limited to 5000, Doctor Who Monopoly featuring all your favourite heroes, villians, monsters, planets and places….

66 27 Apr 2011

T-Shirts Daleks / Cybermen / Telos

Dalek Hammersmith Bridge Look out if you live in West London – there is a Dalek on the prowl! Classic Cybermen St.Pauls – London is under threat plus more…

7 27 Apr 2011

Qmx Revealing Look of our Time Lord Poster

Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t avert your eyes! Because if you do, you might miss out on this very special tongue-in-cheek art print that appeared as a canvas…

70 24 Apr 2011

Half Moon Bay Series 6 Episode 1-2 Mugs

Half Moon Bay, manufactures of the popular classic range of mugs, bags and collectables have expanded their range with new series 6 merchandise…

11 23 Apr 2011

Qwertee Bad Wolf Corporation T-Shirt

This cleverly designed T-shirt represents The Bad Wolf Corporation using the new style Doctor Who Logo – use the code to get a 40p/50c discount…

11 22 Apr 2011

T-Shirts: Davros Obey/ Cyberman Kaboom!

Want a cool tee with a mad scientist from the planet Skaro on it? Well we have just the very thing!, See that Dalek destroyed good ‘n proper…

20 13 Apr 2011

Doctor Who Poster: Impossible Astronaut

Doctor Who Poster: Space 1969? Join the Doctor, President Nixon and Neil Armstrong’s foot with this great poster straight from the episode ‘The Impossible Astronaut’…

7 5 Apr 2011

Forbidden Planet 6th / 7th Doctor T Shirts

Enjoy fashionably tasteful time travel with this fantastic Forbidden Planet Exclusive T-Shirt designed to commemorate the Colin Baker’s iconic outfit!…

25 21 Mar 2011

Yesteryear – In The Domain Of The Daleks

Manufactured by Bluebird toys during 1997 this Doctor Who play-set hidden away inside a Dalek shell includes a mini 4th doctor, Davros, Dalek and Tardis…

41 24 Feb 2011

Wesco Retro Clock USB Hub & Torch

New items from Wesco including a USB hub based on the new Tardis exterior, a Doctor Who Retro alarm Clock featuring and a projection torch with 3 covers…

21 21 Feb 2011

Doctor Who Framed Photos

A Range of Doctor Who Framed Photos featuring the Doctor with sonic screwdriver, his faithful companion Amy, and the fearsome Weeping Angels and Daleks…

16 16 Feb 2011

Doctor Who Character and 3D posters

Doctor Who Character and 3D posters – Featuring all of your favourite characters from the series, this poster brings the adventure to your bedroom!..

19 16 Feb 2011

Bif Bang Pow Retro Action Figures Wave 1

The 4th Doctor, Cyberleader, Decayed Master and Sontaran Field Major Styre Figure Action Figures – Reminiscent of the best-selling action figures of the 1970s and 1980s…

51 12 Feb 2011

Doctor Who Dress-up Costumes

Doctor Who Dress-up Costumes: Follow in the footsteps of fashion icon Tom Baker and the Fourth Doctor, Tegan, Leela and the Fifth Doctor…

62 8 Feb 2011