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Doctor Who T-Shirts: 12th Doctor Costume

Dress yourself as the accessory free, totally punk rock 12th Doctor as portrayed by Peter Capaldi. Gone are the bowtie, scarf, badges and question mark lapels…

7 1 Apr 2014

Doctor Who : TARDIS Tap Tech Safe

Doctor Who : TARDIS Tap Tech Safe – This TARDIS learns your secret tap sequence. door opens only when correct tap sequence is entered…

16 26 Mar 2014

Bif Bang Pow! Retro Action Figure: Dalek

This extraordinary Dalek Action Figure stands approximately 7″ tall. It features wheels and “neck” articulation, along with Bif Bang Pow!’s famed retro styling that takes…

32 25 Mar 2014

Doctor Who Remote Control Flying Tardis

The fantastically fun Doctor Who Remote Control Flying TARDIS is nothing short of brilliant. It really flies through the air! Shaped to look like the Doctor’s…

32 24 Mar 2014

Doctor Who: Who Home Egg Cups

Available in four designs and packaged in a unique TARDIS box, the egg cups feature striking graphic prints depicting the TARDIS, a Dalek and a Cyberman…

5 19 Mar 2014

Doctor Who – iPhone Bow Ties are Cool

These stylish Doctor Who hard covers are designed for the iPhone 5. Durable and secure they simply slip on for easy use with a firm fit for effective grip…

1 28 Feb 2014