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Cluedo Classic Mystery Board Game

Missy, formerly the master, escaped from Gallifrey when the Doctors freed the planet from the Time War in The Day of The Doctor. Now, only she knows its whereabouts…

6 23 Jul 2015

ThinkGeek Mystery Doctor Who Generator

This little bundle of joy will nab you five very cool Doctor Who goodies – and save you some cash, too! One of the goodies isn’t a mystery – it’s that awesome…

6 16 Jul 2015

Doctor Who Coasters Set Of Four

Remember the time in the world to sit down and have a cup of tea. Doctor Who Coasters Set Of 4 featuring the Tardis, Daleks and Cybemen…

5 25 Jun 2015

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver BBQ Tongs

Introducing the officially licensed Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver BBQ Tongs. Featuring 22 1/2- long metal tongs with a heatproof plastic handle and a storage…

4 22 Jun 2015

Doctor Who Medium Talking Sonic Screwdriver

Whovians who want to hear a Sonic Screwdriver emit sounds from the Doctor Who TV series should definitely add this Doctor Who Medium Talking Sonic Screwdriver…

5 22 Jun 2015

Doctor Who – Weeping Angels Bookends

Made of resin and taking the form of one of the Doctors most fearsome adversaries, these are a must have for any Doctor Who fan and/or collector. Just remember…

8 4 Jun 2015

Doctor Who Square Tardis Pitcher

Made of durable plastic, this TARDIS pitcher features a secure lid to prevent spills and the all over TARDIS facade artwork turns your humble pitcher into an…

2 5 May 2015