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Doctor Who Smartphone Operated K-9

Control K-9 through your smartphone or tablet device via bluetooth. Features include moving ears, light-up eye, extendable gun and illuminated keypad…

43 31 Mar 2015

Doctor Who Clue Classic Mystery Board Game

The classic board game, Clue gets a Doctor Who twist! The Doctor Who Clue game features some of your favorite characters from the long-running BBC show!…

12 25 Mar 2015

Doctor Who Top Trumps Pack 8 Now on Amazon

Join the new Doctor on his adventures with Clara as he battles new and old enemies in his new regeneration. From the Bank of Karabroxos to the centre of London…

20 20 Mar 2015

Doctor Who Dalek Lamp

Standing 15cm tall, glowing amber once lit and featuring all the characteristics of the evil mutant Kaleds, this lamp will be at your beck and call to light…

7 9 Mar 2015

Doctor Who Tardis Lamp

This lamp stands at an impressive 20cm tall and is an exact scale model of the famous time travelling contraption that we all know and love. Never has being…

15 9 Mar 2015

Doctor Who: TARDIS Stick Umbrella

Made from high-quality durable fibre glass, complete with a rubber-coated handle, the stick umbrella is decorated with the Doctor’s iconic TARDIS. It’s an…

3 24 Feb 2015

Doctor Who: Time Lord Folding Umbrella

Doctor Who: Time Lord Folding Umbrella. Officially-licensed by the BBC, this folding umbrella is decorated with ‘Time Lord’ and Gallifreyan symbols…

5 24 Feb 2015

Doctor Who Tardis Rucksack

Officially licensed Doctor Who Tardis Rucksack, perfect for school, work or the gym. It has one large main zipped compartment and a smaller front pocket…

0 11 Feb 2015

TARDIS Tea Infuser (Now Available in The UK)

There are few things as British as a spot of tea. Although for some of them it seems like it was mostly a vehicle for patty cakes and Jammie Dodgers, most (if not all) of the…

6 11 Feb 2015

Doctor Who – TARDIS Apron

If you have a knack for fruitcakes and want to look good you want to look good while baking soufflès this TARDIS Apron is just the ticket!…

0 11 Feb 2015