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Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock PS3

Play as the Doctor and River Song as they race to save the universe and time itself. Unravel the mystery of The Eternity Clock and stop its deadly path of destruction…

113 20 May 2012

Doctor Who TARDS 4GB USB Memory Stick

Be a Time Lord and a memory Lord with this cool Doctor Who TARDIS 4G USB Memory Stick! Never again will you be wishing you had a floppy disk to save…

18 5 May 2012

Doctor Who Licensed Tardis Case PC – Details

Doctor Who Tardis PC – Three models are now available to pre-order from scan UK . There are various specifications and the DVD/Blu-ray player is behind one of the Tardis signs….

41 14 Apr 2012

Doctor Who Tardis Smart Safe – Pre Order

Doctor Who Tardis Smart Safe Information & Video – Download a free app to your smart phone and use to program in a code and use to unlock the safe door…

98 28 Feb 2012

Doctor Who Appgear for iPhone and Android

As Earth nears total destruction by his old enemies, The Eleventh Doctor is tasked for a last-ditch mission to save the planet in this immersive first-person…

24 25 Jan 2012

Doctor Who USB Dalek Desk Protector

Doctor Who USB Dalek desk protector – USB powered. Motion activated, says 1 of 4 Dalek phrases & speech. indicators flash. This is just part of many new items….

19 16 Jan 2012

Doctor Who Playstation 3 / Vita / PC Game

BBC Worldwide today released the first details of a major new gaming development for the Doctor Who brand. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will be the first of a series…

173 9 Dec 2011

The Mazes of Time Android Release

BC Worldwide are delighted to announce that hit Doctor Who mobile game, Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time, is now available on the Android platform…

16 17 Aug 2011

Wesco Retro Clock USB Hub & Torch

New items from Wesco including a USB hub based on the new Tardis exterior, a Doctor Who Retro alarm Clock featuring and a projection torch with 3 covers…

21 21 Feb 2011

Doctor Who The Mazes of Time – New Level

The Mazes of Time update adds a brands new adventure for in-app purchase. Featuring the Autons this new level pack will provide the biggest challenge yet..

140 17 Jan 2011

WhoNews Doctor Who News App

WhoNews brings you the latest news from all your favourite Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures websites in one easy to use application…

24 27 Nov 2010