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Invasion of the Bane

Sarah Jane Smith is a truly remarkable woman. She inhabits a world of mystery, danger and wonder.

4 6 May 2008

The Invasion of Time

After a meeting in space with a group of unseen aliens the Doctor returns to Gallifrey…

3 3 May 2008

Black Orchid

The TARDIS arrives on Earth in 1925 where the Doctor ends up playing in a local cricket match…

3 3 Apr 2008

The Time Meddler

The TARDIS arrives on an English coastline in the year 1066…

5 24 Feb 2008

Voyage of the Damned

The highly anticipated Doctor Who Christmas Special take place on the Titanic and stars Kylie Minogue alongside The Doctor…

1 7 Feb 2008

Destiny of the Daleks

The Doctor (Tom Baker) and the newly-regenerated Romana land on a strangely familiar planet…

5 24 Nov 2007

The Davros Collection

This fantastic limited edition eight-disc box set includes all the Doctor Who stories involving Davros…

3 17 Nov 2007

Planet of Evil

The TARDIS picks up a distress call and the Doctor and Sarah arrive on the planet Zeta Minor…

2 24 Oct 2007

The Time Warrior

Journalist Sarah Jane Smith is impersonating her aunt, virologist Lavinia Smith…

6 24 Sep 2007