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Big Finish – Master!

More than two decades on from his clash with Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor, Eric Roberts’ malevolent incarnation of the Master…

11 13 Nov 2020

Big Finish Lady Christina Series 2

First seen on screen in 2009’s Doctor Who story, Planet of the Dead, aristocratic adventurer Lady Christina de Souza is back…

15 16 Oct 2020

Big Finish Missy Volume 02

She’s back, running into enemies old and new, including children from the past, Time Agents from the future and the enigmatic Lumiat.

0 8 Jul 2020

Big Finish – Masterful

Coming in January 2021, marking the 50th anniversary of the Master’s first appearance in Doctor Who, Masterful is a deluxe limited edition…

88 23 May 2020

Big Finish – Master!

Call him… Master! It’s been 24 years since his first appearance fighting Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor. Now he’s back! And it’s about time! ..

12 22 May 2020