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The Companion Chronicles – The Specials

A five-disc box set comprising all 12 episodes of The Three Companions and no longer available stories The Mists of Time and Freakshow, plus previously unreleased bonus material…

2 27 Jun 2011

K9 Figure and other Merchandise Due

A K9 figure will be available soon along with other K9 merchandise including a Hardback book in Full Colour about K9’s history and a story book based on the new series…

45 24 Jun 2011

Doctor Who Disappearing Tardis Mug

Now available to order in the UK – Pour a hot beverage into your mug and watch the Doctor’s time capsule materialize in galactic space! As your mug cools…

36 24 Jun 2011

Junk Tardis Console Playset

Highly detailed 5-inch scale Junk TARDIS based on the design by Susannah Leah, winner of the Blue Peter ‘Design a TARDIS Console’ competition. Features include…

432 24 Jun 2011

Monster Invasion Magazine Issue 04

Monster Invasion Magazine – This forth issue comes with more cards plus Kazran Sardick V The Doctor, Where’s The Doctor – Forest of fear, Top 10 plans to destroy Earth…

89 23 Jun 2011

Doctor Who Insider Magazine issue 04

In this amazing new issue there’s an exclusive interview, as Alex Kingston tells Insider about keeping one of Doctor Who’s biggest secrets and playing the Doctor’s mysterious…

10 23 Jun 2011

Matt Smith Brings The Daleks Down to Size

Matt Smith pictured with the latest Doctor Who construction range where he literally has the Daleks in the palm of his hands. The Character Building collection of construction…

10 22 Jun 2011

Doctor Who Adventures issue 223

What a slimy issue this is! I’d say it’s probably one of the slimiest magazines in the galaxy. I did see a slimier one once on a planet made entirely from slime…

22 22 Jun 2011

Doctor Who ‘The Flesh’ Goo Pod – Pictures

Have lots of gooey fun with the fantastically slimy TARDIS shaped Doctor Who Goo Pod. Filled with lots of slimy goo you will also find random ‘The Flesh’ parts hidden inside

223 21 Jun 2011

Big Finish 149 Doctor Who: Robophobia

Nothing has ever been officially confirmed, but there is a rumour that on a Sandminer, bound for Kaldor City, the robots somehow turned homicidal…

0 18 Jun 2011

The Doctor Who Carry Pack

The Doctor Who carry pack is packed like the TARDIS, with lots of fun activitites. The great thing is, you can take it with you on almost any adventure…

26 17 Jun 2011

Destiny Of The Daleks: Signed Edition

Forbidden Planet are delighted to make this Special autographed version of the Destiny of the Daleks’ set available signed by actor David Gooderson…

45 17 Jun 2011

TV & Satellite Week Torchwood Preview

This weeks TV & Satellite Week magazine has a preview top entertainment coming during the summer including a short Torchwood preview and Main cover…

12 15 Jun 2011

Doctor Who Adventures issue 222

Doctor Who Adventures issue 222 – Are you missing me yet? I’m missing all of you, but I’ll still be here every week keeping you up-to-date with what’s going on…

26 14 Jun 2011