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Doctor Who Titans 3″ Tardis Silver

An extra special silver variant – formerly rare exclusive in the US! This new Doctor Who 3″ TITAN sees the TARDIS beautifully recreated in a stunning metallic finish!…

11 11 Nov 2014

Doctor Who Titans 3″ Geronimo Collection

Have they arrived? A UK ebay seller is listing them individually for those wishing to purchase now… Our second collection devoted to the 11th Doctor, this range of 3…

142 15 Oct 2014

Doctor Who Titans 6.5” War Doctor

Debuting at San Diego Comic Con 2014! Caught up in the Last Great Time War, the 8th Doctor was forced to regenerate into John Hurt’s much tougher warrior…

23 19 Sep 2014

Doctor Who Titans 9” The Beast

This Convention Exclusive recreates the dark, monstrously-evil Beast of legend as seen in the terrifying Tenth Doctor adventure “The Satan Pit”…

32 19 Sep 2014

Doctor Who Titans 3″ Gallifrey Collection

Our second collection devoted to the 10th Doctor, the Gallifrey Collection features allies such as the ‘Next’ Doctor Jackson Lake, the immortal Captain Jack…

135 28 Aug 2014

Doctor Who Titans 8″ Statue Of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty: an icon of freedom and a welcoming signal for all arriving immigrants to the United States. However as every Whovian knows she is…

2 10 Dec 2013
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