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Micro Universe Spacecraft

There are 6 detailed miniature spacecraft to collect each with an exclusive collectable figure…

18 30 Nov 2010

Special Feature – Paradigm Daleks

There can be no doubt that when the Paradigm Daleks first burst onto our screens that probably the most controversial change in Doctor Who’s history…

39 24 Nov 2010

Dalek Paradigm Action figures

Dalek Paradigm action figures – Many years ago, the Daleks sent out thousands of egg-shaped Progenitors containing the genetic coding of the race…

552 23 Nov 2010

The Doctor Who Site Christmas wish list

Now updated with new 13″ Yellow Eternal Dalek, Toys R Us Eternal six figure set and Paradigm action figures. An interactive Doctor Who Christmas list…

218 13 Nov 2010

Series 5 figures – Assortment G

New Figures added to the series 5 range – Silurian Alaya, Silurian General Restac, Underhenge Cyberman, Smiler with 2 faces and Underhenge Roman Auton…

553 2 Nov 2010

Hastings USA Eternal Dalek

Hastings exclusive USA Yellow Dalek Action Figure available at Hastings in North America – In stock at some stores – check stock on-line or pre order now..

261 23 Oct 2010

Doctor Who – 6 Figure Collectors Set

Doctor Who – 6 Figure Collectors Set. Contains Eternal Dalek, Silurian warrior with removable mask, Smiler, Ironside Dalek, weeping angel and the Doctor…

383 21 Oct 2010

Series 5 Figures – Assortment F

Pictures of the Brand New series 5 figures added – Francesco the Vampire, Roman Autons, Prisoner Zero, Dalek Progenitor Guardian and new smiler…

522 14 Oct 2010

Toys R Us Series 5 Six Figure stone set

Toys r Us exclusive due November featuring stone Dalek ( labelled as exclusive to this set ) Roman Auton, Stone Auton, Amy Pond, Sontaran and a Drone Dalek…

414 1 Oct 2010

Sixth Doctor & Stealth Cyberman

In this set is the Sixth Doctor and a Stealth Cyberman from ‘Attack of the Cybermen’. The Sixth Doctor comes with a signal tracker accessory…

103 21 Sep 2010

Revenge Of The Cybermen Figure Set

Revenge Of The Cybermen – Join the inimitable Tom Baker and encounter ‘The Revenge of the Cybermen’ with this outstanding gift set from Forbidden Planet…

129 27 Aug 2010

Two Unannounced Weeping Angel variants

Two unannounced weeping Angel figures comprising of a regenerating Angel with neutral face and a regenerated “weathered” Angel are now available to buy…

189 26 Aug 2010

4th Doctor In Burgundy Outfit and K9

This Doctor masked his brilliant and inventive mind behind a façade of bohemian eccentricity. The longest lived incarnation of the Doctors so far…

136 20 Aug 2010