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Character Building Dalek Spaceship

Highly detailed and functional Dalek construction playset with moveable parts featuring interior and exterior, detachable skimmer car, laser cannons…

215 19 Jul 2012

Doctor Who Victory of the Daleks Figure Set

Our own images of The Victory of The Daleks set . Contains: 1 Winston Churchill action figure with alternate head & right hand 1 Ironside Dalek action figure with Tea Tray arm…

798 16 Jul 2012

Character Building Silent Time Machine

Highly detailed and functional construction playset of the Silent Time Machine as seen in Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 1: The Impossible Astronaut. Includes control room…

136 6 Jul 2012

Doctor Who Talking Plush Orange Dalek

Based on the incredibly popular television series Doctor Who, this brilliant plush toy embodies that distinctive look and feel of the longest-running sci-fi…

19 30 May 2012

Topps Minis FA Micro-figures and Sets

Collect all the key players from the England football team and build your very own football pitch so you can challenge your friends to table top football!..

112 25 May 2012

Remembrance of the Daleks Set – Pictures

Remembrance of the Daleks 1988 Set Contains Dalek Emperor Davros and Destroyed Imperial Dalek action figure. The Daleks are focusing their search around Coal Hill School…

416 3 Feb 2012

Character 2012 Doctor Who Merchandise

Doctor Who Character 2012 Pictures / Information – New Dalek range,Personalize Tardis – arm worn time travel device, Dalek Cyberman anti time device…

441 2 Feb 2012

Character Building Temporal Balster Set

Time is fractured!…and now the Vortex is being invaded by the Doctor’s arch enemies the Daleks and the Cybermen! Using stolen Time technology…

360 21 Jan 2012

Character Building Silent Army Pack

Character Building Silent Army Builder Pack – Includes 5 Silent Character Building figures with open and closed mouths. This items is exclusive to Argos…

165 21 Jan 2012

Doctor Who – Ride In 6v Dalek – Pictures

Our own images of the Ride In Dalek, its fairly easy to assemble and great fun. You get about an hours use before recharging is needed. The Dalek voice is powered by…

15 11 Jan 2012

Buffy The Vampire Library playset Diorama

Ideal for displays or figure stories, this set can hold reasonable number of figures. It comes with a few accessories including a table, globe and pot plants…

43 6 Jan 2012
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