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Big Chief Studios 11th Doctor Alternate Head

The 11th Doctor alternate portrait head with Stetson Hat (not removable) is compatible with the 11th Doctor 1:6 Scale Collector Figure and offers a different display option…

0 22 Nov 2014

Doctor Who Dynamix Figure 11th Doctor

Sonic Screwdriver ready for action, the “Raggedy Man” is perfectly captured in all his glory! Switch-out heads – one with his trademark quiff and the other…

9 2 May 2014

Big Chief Studios 1:6 Scale 10th Doctor

The Tenth Doctor is ready to embark on his next time-travelling adventure, in his brown pinstriped suit and trademark trench coat, his ever-present Sonic…

30 25 Jan 2013

Doctor Who Dynamix 10th Doctor

Produced in a Worldwide Collectors Limited Edition of 3000, each figurine comes with a Doctor Who logo base and is packed in a window display box…

29 11 Jan 2012