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Doctor Who Titan Comics 4th Doctor issue #4

Sarah Jane and Professor Odysseus are trapped in the ancient past, while the Doctor and the Professor’s daughter, Athena, attempt to steal the Lamp of Chronos…

0 8 Mar 2016

Doctor Who and the Hero’s Journey

The Doctor is certainly the legend with untold faces, the mythic hero who dies to save mankind only to return, regenerated into an undying god with new …

2 7 Mar 2016

Saturday Night Monsters

Explore the world of the hit tv series Doctor Who as viewed and written by fans in this compilation of articles, reviews, features and humour covering the series…

0 7 Mar 2016

Doctor Who: Choose the Future: Terror Moon

In this brand new adventure, Terror Moon, the Twelfth Doctor travels to a far-off moon base, only to discover a monstrous, flesh-eating horror lying in wait…

5 5 Mar 2016

Doctor Who Titan Comics 11th Doctor Volume 4

Accused of terrible war crimes that he can’t remember committing, the Eleventh Doctor goes on the run with his companion Alice Obiefune, along with a mysterious…

1 29 Feb 2016

Doctor Who Titan Comics 12th Doctor Volume 3

The Doctor and Clara face impossible odds as the Hyperions – a race of sentient suns who scorched the universe until the Time Lords brought their reign of terror…

0 29 Feb 2016

Doctor Who Titan Comic UK Vol 2 Issue 6

Things are heating up in this grand finale issue of Doctor Who Comic! This time: the Twelfth Doctor and Clara face Fusion Angels and the terrifying might of the Hyperions…

12 25 Feb 2016

Lethbridge-Stewart Moon Blink

Back on Earth, Anne Travers has learned she is about to be visited by an old friend from America, Doctor Patricia Richards. Lance Corporal Bill Bishop is aware…

1 16 Feb 2016

Doctor Who Titan Comics 3rd Doctor Issue #1

When something enormous and extraterrestrial crashes into Bedfordshire, the Doctor, Jo Grant, and the forces of UNIT under Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart mobilize…

15 13 Feb 2016

Doctor Who Battlefield Target Book Reissue

A UNIT nuclear convoy, stranded on the shores of Lake Vortigern, becomes the focus of an incursion by knights from a parallel reality. In this other world…

5 13 Feb 2016
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