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Doctor Who Tales From The Tardis #8

In this issue, the Tenth Doctor is stuck inside a gladitorial arena that pits the denizens of prehistory against each other; the Eleventh Doctor seeks…

1 30 Jun 2016

Doctor Who The Whoniverse Hardcover

Complete with full-color illustrations, maps, charts, and artifacts, the definitive, essential companion to the Doctor’s world—and many more…

5 28 Jun 2016

Lethbridge-Stewart The Showstoppers

Candy Jar Books has released further information about the second Lethbridge-Stewart release of 2106, The Showstoppers by Jonathan Cooper…

1 11 Jun 2016

Lethbridge-Stewart The Band of Evil

The Band of Evil will be given free to every person who pre-orders The Showstoppers by Jonathan Cooper, which is due out at the end of June…

0 6 Jun 2016

Doctor Who Tales From The Tardis #7

In this issue, the Eleventh Doctor goes back to the moment that created the Malignant in search desperately needed answers; the Tenth Doctor and Gabby…

9 2 Jun 2016

Titan Torchwood Comic issue 2

Far away from Cardiff and the Hub, Captain Jack and Gwen dive deep to unravel the secrets of an ancient, extinct civilisation, whose colossal megaweapons…

1 1 Jun 2016