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Doctor Who Titan Comics 8th Doctor issue #4

1932. Briarwood House. As a jazz party preoccupies the English upper-crust, the Doctor and Josie discover a terrifying secret below stairs – the servants are…

2 3 Nov 2015

Doctor Who: Rain of Terror Paperback

In Rain of Terror, terrible tiny creatures swarm down from the sky, intent on destroying everything on planet Xirrinda. As the colonists try to fight the…

4 1 Nov 2015

Doctor Who: Terrible Lizards Paperback

In Terrible Lizards, the Eleventh Doctor and his friends join a group of explorers on a Victorian tramp steamer in the Florida Everglades. The explorers

5 1 Nov 2015

Doctor Who: Web in Space Paperback

In Web in Space, a distress signal calls the Eleventh Doctor and the TARDIS to the Black Horizon, a spaceship under attack from the Empire of Eternal Victory….

2 1 Nov 2015

Doctor Who Titan Comic UK Vol 2 Issue 2

The Doctor and his companions encounter mystery, musicians, and mayhem in three fantastic comic adventures. In this issue: the astounding Four Doctors special…

10 30 Oct 2015

The Essential Book of K9

K9 was the brainchild of two prolific TV screenwriters; Bob Baker and Dave Martin. They had written numerous series for TV and had since the early days of Jon Pertwee’s…

10 26 Oct 2015

Doctor Who 2016 Poundland Calendar

Doctor Who 2016 Calendar, a Danilo product available exclusively from poundland and featuring the 1st through to the 12th Doctors. 12cm x 30cm…

19 20 Oct 2015

Doctor Who Titan Comic UK Vol 2 Issue 1

This brand-new issue features strip from the ‘Doctor Who: Four Doctors’ crossover event series – featuring the first ever meeting of the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors!…

16 16 Oct 2015

The Beast of Stalingrad

From the Doctor Who Universe. Looking at her timeline, Erimem is intrigued by evidence that at some point in her life, she visits the Nazi-besieged city of…

3 7 Oct 2015

Erimem: The Last Pharaoh

From the Doctor Who Universe. After a freak electrical storm that seems to happen indoors, a young woman is found in the Egyptian exhibit of a London…

4 7 Oct 2015