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Doctor Who: Light Up Tardis Kit and Book

This kit features a replica of the most iconic prop from the show — the Tardis — the time machine which transports the Doctor through time and space…

8 12 Apr 2013

Doctor Who Monsters Postcard Book

The Doctor has faced many terrifying monsters on his travels and this postcard book includes thirty of the very scariest to stick on your wall or send to your friends!…

9 18 May 2012

Doctor Who: When’s the Doctor? (Hardback)

If you enjoyed tracking the Doctor through his alien adventures in Where’s the Doctor?, you’ll love hunting him and his friends down as he travels through time…

60 3 May 2012

Doctor Who: Where’s the Doctor?

Where is the Doctor? The time travelling Time Lord could be anywhere in time and space in these incredibly detailed intergalactic images. Search through the Cybermen…

51 26 May 2011

Doctor Who Sticker Paradise

Doctor Who Sticker Paradise: Inside you will find five sheets of reusable stickers. Use your stickers to Stick on your schoolbooks ,Decorate cards, letters and envelopes…

15 1 Jan 2011

Series 5 Activity books

Series 5 books – Doctor Who: Battle Badges Activity Book, Weeping Angels Stories activities and stickers! and 3-D Mask Activity Book all due for release on 3rd June 2010…

11 7 May 2010

Doctor Who 2010 sticker collection

With 260 stickers to collect featuring all of the 2009 specials plus the first four episodes of the brand new series, this collection is a must have for any Doctor Who fan.

58 24 Apr 2010

Doctor Who Companion Activity Book

Doctor Who Companion Activity paperback Book – 20 pages of activity featuring Amy and The Doctor from penguin books – Due for release on 29/04/2010

1 8 Apr 2010

Activity Annual 2009

A trip on the TARDIS might be fun, but this activity annual is a blast! Enjoy hours of solving code breakers…

0 6 Apr 2009

Penguin books

Space travels is just part of a large range of Books by Penguin covering a range of activties such as Pop-ups, stickers and quizes…

5 12 Jun 2008

Decide Your Destiny

Become the Doctor’s companion and join him on his adventures through time and space…

3 11 Jun 2008

The Doctor Who Cookbook by Gary Downie

The Macra Terror lived off a steady diet of toxic gas, the Ogri fed on blood, and even the fifth Doctor was known for his fondness for celery…

5 28 Jan 1985
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