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The Official Doctor Who Cookbook Hardcover

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Have your Doctor Who and eat it too with this out-of-this-world cookbook featuring fun, imaginative recipes for the whole family, based on the wildly popular BBC series Doctor Who.


The perfect addition to every Doctor Who fan s shelf, Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook features a cornucopia of delicious, easy-to-make recipes from the simple, to the showstoppers with an exciting Whovian twist.

Enjoy the Doctor s own favorite, fish fingers and custard, share some Cyberman Pie with friends, treat the family to Cassandra Pizza, or indulge your sweet tooth with a Supreme Dalek Cake.


Images Extracted from Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook by Joanna Farrow (BBC Books, £14.99) © Joanna Farrow 2016

Throwing a viewing party of your favorite episodes? Serve up some Ood Rolls, Salt and Pepper Sontarans, and Weeping Angel Food Cake. And don t forget the centerpiece for every Whovian get-together, a Gingerbread TARDIS and, of course, 12 Cookie Doctors.

Illustrated with stills from the television show and seasoned with fun food ephemera and quotes from the Doctor s universe, Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook has something weird, wacky, and tasty for every fan.”

Previously available…

The Doctor Who Cookbook by Gary Downie

The Macra Terror lived off a steady diet of toxic gas, the Ogri fed on blood, and even the fifth Doctor was known for his fondness for celery.

However, we humans need something a little more substantial, and Gary Downie has raided the cookbooks of the show’s stars to produce a mouth-watering selection of recipes guaranteed to delight your taste-buds.

From all corners of time and space come such exotic delights as Time Lady Tzaziki and Castrovalvan Kebabs, plus Mena’s Tachyonic Sauce and Patrick Troughton’s Vegetable Soup with Dalek Krotons!

And for the adventurous there is also Barry Letts’ mysterious unnamed dish from Venus, which lists among its ingredients Blim Tree Worms and Grated Snadge…

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