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Activity Annual 2009

A trip on the TARDIS might be fun, but this activity annual is a blast! Enjoy hours of solving code breakers…

0 6 Apr 2009

Penguin books

Space travels is just part of a large range of Books by Penguin covering a range of activties such as Pop-ups, stickers and quizes…

6 12 Jun 2008

Decide Your Destiny

Become the Doctor’s companion and join him on his adventures through time and space…

3 11 Jun 2008

The Doctor Who Cookbook by Gary Downie

The Macra Terror lived off a steady diet of toxic gas, the Ogri fed on blood, and even the fifth Doctor was known for his fondness for celery…

5 28 Jan 1985

The Doctor Who Pattern Book

contains a terrific variety of clothes, toys, cushions, bags and other desirable objects to knit and sew based on the ever popular BBC Television programmes…

4 28 Jan 1984