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Doctor Who £1 Vending Machine Toys Set 2

Six new Doctor Who figures have now been released by Tarco International. Costing just £1, these figures will be available from vending machines up and down

20 1 Dec 2014

Doctor Who Paradigm Dalek Wind-up 5-Pack

A complete set of the New Paradigm Daleks – the “officer class” introduced in Victory of the Daleks. All five multi-coloured models, with wind-up action. It turns as it patrols

25 8 Jan 2014

Cyberman Bust and Illustrated Book Pictures

Despite their appearance, the Cybermen are not robots. They were once humans, but have used cybernetic parts to replace limbs and organs, augmenting their organic…

62 25 Sep 2013

Titan SDCC Exclusive 10th Doctor Variant

Titan’s blind boxed Doctor Who vinyl figures have become quite popular, and now there’s one to hunt down at this year’s SDCC. From the 2007 Christmas …

28 21 Jun 2013

Doctor Who: Light Up Tardis Kit and Book

This kit features a replica of the most iconic prop from the show — the Tardis — the time machine which transports the Doctor through time and space…

9 12 Apr 2013

Doctor Who £1 Vending Machine Toys Set 1

Tarco International are delighted to be partnering the BBC on a range of products for the capsule vending category for Doctor Who. Price per capsule appears to be £1..

162 19 Mar 2013