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Dalek Sec Voice Changer

This voice changer is Dalek Sec Hybrid which features speech and voice changing effects…

2 7 Mar 2008

The Satan Pit Gift Set

Recreate scenes from the episode ‘The Satan Pit’. Includes: The Doctor in Spacesuit with Removable Helmet…

5 10 Oct 2007

Animatronic Cyberman

There were 3 versions of the Animatronic Cyberman, a normal Cyberman, The Cyberman controller and the Cyberman Leader….

6 8 Jul 2007

The Face of Boe

Recreate scenes from the episode ‘Gridlock’. Includes: The Face of Boe with movable mouth…

8 12 Jun 2007

The Empress of the Racnoss

Recreate scenes from the episode ‘The Runaway Bride’. Includes: The Empress of the Racnoss with 24 points of articulation…

7 12 Jun 2007

The Reaper

Recreate scenes from the episode ‘Fathers Day’. Includes: Electronic Reaper with Glow Effect, poseable wings, legs and tail…

11 12 Jun 2007

Radio Controlled K9

Features: 360 degree on the spot rotational movement and has full steering control…

34 8 Jun 2007

The Tardis Playset

Recreate scenes from Doctor Who with the Tardis playset. Includes: lift out access panels, hatstand, pilot seat and console…

54 11 Jan 2006

Sonic Screwdriver

Ultra Violet pen with UV light, sound effects, spare standard ink nib, wallet and wipe off psychic paper…

18 8 Aug 2005