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Doctor Who Toys R Us Six Figure Set 2011

Toys R Us Six Figure Set 2011: Contains Nephew Ood, Grey Silent With Open Mouth, River with new hair, Stetson Doctor, Idris and Cyberman with chest damage….

268 22 Oct 2011

Action Figure Collectors Set: The Chase

From the classic story: ‘The Chase’, the Mechonoid figure is approximately 130mm high (160mm with the antenna extended) x 130mm wide. It features a swappable flame arm…

109 7 Oct 2011

Pandorica Wave Variant with Moulded Walls

A new variant of the Pandorica wave is currently on sale in the USA. The figures are identical to the original wave which consists of The Doctor with mop…

214 2 Aug 2011

Series 6 Figures Wave 1b – Pictures

Wave 1b consists of 6 Figures – Idris, Uncle, The 11th Doctor wearing cowboy hat, The 11th Doctor with beard and wearing straight jacket and Silent’s with closed and open mouths.

1,035 28 Jul 2011

New Series K9 Figure – First Look

The first prototype image of the upcoming new series K9 figure has been released and it looks an extremely accurate model. It will be the same scale as the Doctor Who 5″ line…

109 21 Jul 2011

Character Doctor Who Ganger Flesh Set

Character Doctor Who Flesh Set. Make your own “The Flesh” Ganger figures with this cool model set. Mix up ‘the flesh’ liquid, fill the mould and watch your Ganger appear!…

136 8 Jul 2011

Junk Tardis Console Playset

Highly detailed 5-inch scale Junk TARDIS based on the design by Susannah Leah, winner of the Blue Peter ‘Design a TARDIS Console’ competition. Features include…

432 24 Jun 2011

Destiny Of The Daleks: Signed Edition

Forbidden Planet are delighted to make this Special autographed version of the Destiny of the Daleks’ set available signed by actor David Gooderson…

45 17 Jun 2011

The Time Warrior Sontaran Figure Set

In this exclusive set we present the Classic Sontaran: Commander Linx and his iconic Sontaran space ship along with the Third Doctor in Green Jacket…

86 19 May 2011