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Bif Bang Pow! Dalek Acrylic Cups

Bif Bang Pow! have shown some new Dalek Acrylic cups at this years San Diago Comic Con. Previously shown glasses with the 4th Doctors scarf, The 11th Doctors…

15 14 Jul 2012

Doctor Who Dalek Eye Sound Torch – Pictures

Doctor Who Dalek Eye Sound Torch Plays Dalek sounds when torch is turned on. “You are the Doctor, you must be Exterminated.” “You must be Exterminated.” “Scan reveals nothing.”

27 11 Jul 2012

EyeStalk App – See the world differently

EyeStalk 1.0.2 has been submitted for review to the App Store. The next version of EyeStalk is a major upgrade with the inclusion of the much requested video mode…

23 19 Jun 2012

Qmx Doctor Who Sticker Set 1

Show the world your love for the longest-running science-fiction TV show of all time. Now you can have your Doctor Who favourite characters with you wherever you…

12 18 Jun 2012

Feature – Mego / Bif Bang Pow! Cyberman

During the 1970’s Denys Fisher in collaboration with US toymaker Mego released various 9″ figures. Included in the range were the Fourth Doctor Leela, K-9 , The Giant Robot K1…

18 1 Jun 2012

Doctor Who Talking Plush Orange Dalek

Based on the incredibly popular television series Doctor Who, this brilliant plush toy embodies that distinctive look and feel of the longest-running sci-fi…

19 30 May 2012

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock PS3

Play as the Doctor and River Song as they race to save the universe and time itself. Unravel the mystery of The Eternity Clock and stop its deadly path of destruction…

113 20 May 2012

H Grossman Doctor Who Figure Fizz Pod

This awesome Dr Who Tardis Fizz Pod contains a cool figure from the Dr Who series and an additional mystery hidden figure inside the Tardis Fizz Pod…

34 17 May 2012

Doctor Who TARDS 4GB USB Memory Stick

Be a Time Lord and a memory Lord with this cool Doctor Who TARDIS 4G USB Memory Stick! Never again will you be wishing you had a floppy disk to save…

18 5 May 2012

Doctor Who TARDIS Tin Tote Gift Set

Three fan-demanded Doctor Who collectibles in one awesome package! This embossed tin tote looks just like a TARDIS time machine, and with plenty of authentic detail…

7 5 May 2012

Doctor Who Original TARDIS Bobble Head

With this extraordinary TARDIS Bobble Head based on the Classic Series, the entire TARDIS bobbles… and it includes the signature materialize…

10 5 May 2012