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Doctor Who Tardis Night Light

Doctor Who Tardis Night Light – Illuminate the night with this TARDIS night light! Based on Doctor Who, this night light uses a 7-watt bulb….

19 24 Aug 2012

Doctor Who Tardis Table Lamp

This detailed TARDIS table lamp features both light and sounds taken from the hit BBC series Doctor Who. The double-sided shade features the Doctor and Amy…

11 24 Aug 2012

Doctor Who TARDIS Coasters (4-Pack)

These babies ought to get the conversation rolling at your next party! Measuring approximately 5-inches tall x 3 3/4-inches wide, these attention-grabbing…

2 24 Aug 2012

Doctor Who TARDIS Shaped Journal

The outside of this unbelievable journal is shaped like the TARDIS time machine! Open the doors to reveal the interior walls of the TARDIS and the 160 lined…

9 24 Aug 2012

Doctor Who 500 Year Diary Journal

Betcha can’t wait to get your hands on Doctor Who’s 500-Year Diary to see what he wrote! Unfortunately, its pages are blank. Fortunately, the hardbound…

6 24 Aug 2012

Doctor Who Asylum of The Daleks Maxi Poster

Asylum of The Daleks Maxi Poster – Doctor Who Maxi Poster 61cm x 91.5cm (24 x 36 inches) (Doctor & Amy) Released End August 2012 featuring the promotional…

30 20 Aug 2012

Doctor Who Maxi Posters Enemies / Doctors

Doctor Who maxi posters featuring old and new enemies and Doctors and with the new logo now being used an all future non current Doctor Who merchandise…

54 12 Aug 2012

Doctor Who Monopoly Anniversary Edition

This very special 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Monopoly features all your favourite heroes, villains, monsters, planets and places. With all-new Doctor Who playing tokens!..

100 9 Aug 2012

Doctor Who “Keep Calm” Tshirts

Doctor Who “Keep Calm” Tshirts. Includes Keep Calm And Delete, Keep Calm And Obey, Keep Calm Don’t Regenerate and Keep Calm And Have A Jelly Baby…

27 8 Aug 2012

Cubicle 7 Doctor Who The Card Game

Created by award-winning designer Martin Wallace, the Doctor Who Card Game is an action packed adventure for 3-4 players. Defend the universe as the Doctor…

15 7 Aug 2012

Doctor Who App Gear (Beta) Images

Below are a few screen shots of the Beta version of The Doctor Who App Gear which is close to being finished. The App will be available to download on Android…

40 24 Jul 2012

Bif Bang Pow! Davros / Dalek Bobble Heads

Bif Bang Pow! Davros / Dalek Bobble Head – Davros and Dalek bobble heads seem to be in the works along with already seen products from Bif Bang Pow!…

8 15 Jul 2012