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Doctor Who Popcultcha Tardis Photo Frame

Have you ever wished you could accompany The Doctor on one of his incredible, intergalactic adventures? Now’s your chance! Grab your camera, find a companion

2 5 Jan 2015

Doctor Who Popcultcha Tardis Umbrella

Any Doctor Who fan is going to need one of these TARDIS umbrellas to keep themselves dry. Unfortunately it isn’t Bigger on the inside…

4 5 Jan 2015

Doctor Who Tardis Tinned Mints

Doctor Who fans will love this one! Yes, you can have your very own TARDIS replica sitting on your desk, but that’s not all! Not only can you have the TARDIS…

12 1 Nov 2014

Doctor Who Tardis Light-Up Headband

We’re pretty sure if this headband had the ability to travel through time and space, it’d cost more. Since it lights up the blue-white of the TARDIS lamp instead…

14 9 Oct 2014

Doctor Who Tardis King Duvet Set

Transport yourself to a world of sleep while rocking some appreciation for the phenomenon that is Doctor Who with this awesome duvet set!…

1 23 Sep 2014

Doctor Who Tardis Panel Homeware Tea Pot

Doctor Who – TARDIS Panel Tea Pot. Also available… Complete Your Doctor Who Homeware collection With This Tardis Teapot. Sugar Bowl and Creamer Jug

1 22 Sep 2014

Doctor Who – Adipose Silicone Purse

This may look like a cute, yet deadly Adipose from Doctor Who, but it’s actually a cute, yet handy silicone purse – an “Adi-purse,” if you will. Made of silicone….

2 9 Sep 2014

Doctor Who -Tardis Large Purse

Looking for a purse that’s bigger on the inside? Then look no further! With compartments for cards, cash and psychic paper, the TARDIS purse is a must have for…

3 9 Sep 2014

Doctor Who Tardis Embossed Wallet

Travel through time and space with Doctor Who! With compartments for cards, cash and psychic paper, the embossed TARDIS wallet is a must have for any stylish Whovian…

7 9 Sep 2014

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Washing Brush

In Doctor Who, the Time Lord’s remarkable Sonic Screwdriver can do just about anything, but did you know it can wash your dishes? Check it out. The Doctor Who…

7 28 Aug 2014

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Peeler

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, you already know that his amazing Sonic Screwdriver can do almost anything, but here’s the proof. This Doctor Who Sonic…

7 28 Aug 2014

Doctor Who 3-Piece Bath Towel Set (USA)

3-piece TARDIS towel set. In TARDIS blue, this bath, hand, and washcloth each feature an embroidered black satin stripe that reads “Police Public Call Box,” just like the top…

4 29 Jul 2014

DWE Exclusive River Song Diary Notebook

Now available exclusively to the Doctor Who store, are the highly anticipated iPhone 5 &5s TARDIS silicone case (£11.99) and River Song Diary notebook (£9.99). Designed..

15 21 Jul 2014