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Retro Mugs – 3rd, 5th and 7th Doctors

Three new Retro Mugs with images of The Doctors, villains and monsters from their era. The Third, Fifth and Seventh Doctors each have their own mug…

27 10 Sep 2010

Genuine Fez from Marrakesh

Adopt the Eleventh Doctor style this Summer with your very own 100% fur-felt authentic Fez. Purchased at source from a Marrakesh Souk…

30 6 Aug 2010

Doctor Who 2010 WoW Stuff

Doctor Who WoW Stuff – Desktop Patrol Dalek, Adipose Stress Toy, Timelords Spinning Tardis, Tardis Emergency Fund, Sonic Screwdriver, Key-Fob, Following Cyberman and much more…

131 5 Aug 2010

2010 Backpacks swim bag & Umbrellas

New range of 2010 merchandise consisting of a Swim Bag, Wallet, various Tardis and 11th Doctor Backpacks along with a villains and Matt Smith umbrella…

17 19 Jul 2010

Wesco Series 5 Novelty items

Series 5 Merchandise from Wesco with the new look Daleks including newly announced Dalek Keychain Torch, sonic screwdriver LED torch, pens and more…

23 16 Jul 2010

Viewmaster 3D Stereo System

Introduced in 1939, The View-Master had a wide range of 3D, or so called stereo discs. Doctor Who discs include Full Circle eand Castrovalva…

17 22 Aug 2009

Bedroom Textiles

A range of bedroom textiles including bedding,lampshades,wallpaper,bean bags,towels…

4 15 Jan 2009

Dalek Whizz Watch

This watch features a mini Dalek which is remotely controllable from the watch itself…

0 8 Sep 2008

Doctor Who Piggin

Irresistibly cheeky, yet charming and funny, Piggin’s unique humour has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. There’s a Piggin’ figurine for everyone and every occasion…

4 21 Jan 2008