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New Doctor Who Aquatic Decor – Updated

Cichlid is thrilled to announce the arrival of the NEW Doctor Who Aquarium Decor! Which is perfect timing, as Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary is coming up…

53 17 Jan 2013

Doctor Who DALEK Monitor Mate Bobble Head

Wouldn’t this look cool sitting on your computer monitor? Right out of the Doctor Who TV series, this 4 1/2-inch scale miniature bobbler captures one of the…

10 26 Nov 2012

Doctor Who Temporary Tattoo Pack

Doctor Who Temporary Tattoo Pack. Featuring Daleks, Cybermen, and various Doctor Who logos and themes. Please read instructions carefully before use…

7 21 Nov 2012

Doctor Who Die-Cast Metal keyrings

Doctor Who Die-Cast Metal keyrings. Celebrate the iconic BBC TV series with a keyring of doctorWho’s famous time machine, Dalek and robot dog -K9…

21 20 Nov 2012

Doctor Who Siluria Postcard Mug

Doctor Who Siluria Postcard Mug – Visit scenic Siluria with this mug that features Brian Williams’ touristy postcard from Doctor Who!…

0 14 Nov 2012

Doctor Who Talking Dalek Money Bank

What better way to protect your money than by using the staple antagonists from Doctor Who – the Daleks! This Doctor Who Talking Red or Blue Dalek Money Bank…

20 27 Oct 2012

Doctor Who Tardis Bathroom Gift Set

Doctor Who Tardis Bathroom Gift Set – Doctor Who Gift Set – Tardis wash bag with bath & shower gel and sponge Also available – Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Sonic…

28 7 Sep 2012

Doctor Who 60ml Dalek Bath Jellies

Doctor Who Dalek Bath Jellies – Doctor Who 60ml 3D Daleks filled with bath & Shower gel. Three different liquid colours. Once emptied, your left with a squashy Dalek toy!…

34 7 Sep 2012

Doctor Who Tardis Night Light

Doctor Who Tardis Night Light – Illuminate the night with this TARDIS night light! Based on Doctor Who, this night light uses a 7-watt bulb….

19 24 Aug 2012

Doctor Who Tardis Table Lamp

This detailed TARDIS table lamp features both light and sounds taken from the hit BBC series Doctor Who. The double-sided shade features the Doctor and Amy…

11 24 Aug 2012